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Warframe Empyrean Update Is Out Now On PC

During The Game Awards, the developers at Digital Extremes revealed a new trailer for Warframe's expansion Empyrean, which focused on the new ship-combat gameplay and team-based squad battles in deep space. At the end of the trailer, the developers announced that the hotly anticipated update is available right now for players on PC.

Revealed last year at Tennocon 2018, the new expansion is one of Warframe's most ambitious updates yet. It focuses on new gameplay involving the Railjack, a custom ship that every player can acquire, allowing them to travel into deep space and take on a variety of space-combat missions. Though Warframe does have space missions using the Archwing, the Railjack focuses more on larger ship-combat, taking cues from sci-fi like Star Trek and Star Wars. In a previous update called Rising Tides, players could start a quest to acquire their Railjack, allowing them to piece it together and customize it. But with the Empyrean update, you can now take the ship out for a spin. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Warframe Platinum For Sale.

On the precipice of The New War, veteran and new players alike will find themselves playing closely together using high-level cooperation and communication skills. Whether it's blasting hordes of opponent Fighters and Crewships, or shooting like a bullet from the Archwing Cannon into enemy vessels to commandeer or destroy them, players will wield new upgradeable offensive firepower. But to succeed, Railjack squads will need both offense and defense. The working Railjack vessel takes damage, requires resources to keep ammo flowing, and will need players' coordinated attention, from dousing fires and welding hull holes to combating enemy boarding parties.

One feature that players can look forward to are the Intrinsics, where they get to experience a new and reliable RPG progression system. Playing through missions lets players earn Intrinsic points in order to be able to build their own player ranked skills.Then there's also Avionics. These are the upgradable "powers" that work like Warframe Abilities and are comprised of Battle, Integrated, and Tactical types. Components refer to the guns, engines, reactors and shields with Armaments referring to weaponry that come with different firepower types.
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