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Listening to music on without utilizing the scrobbler

The new is a far cry from the that exists in many streaming music fans' memories. The revamped, free streaming music service, which is in beta, has a new look and feel that will make you long for the old version. Navigation issues and a lack of lyrics and live content have caused to fall far behind our Editors' Choices, Slacker Radio and Spotify.

The hybrid social network/online radio station/recommendation platform/music chart announced yesterday that it would shutter its streaming subscription radio service in view of continued losses. And that’s only the latest in a growing string of “repositions” and “refocusings” that shuffle around an inevitable truth: The Internet has moved on, and just isn’t moving with it.

Now, when users click play on a track, Spotify will be launched in the background, with a convenient bar for playback controls appearing at the bottom of the screen. Additionally, any grouping of tracks on a particular page will appear as a playlist within Spotify. The integration is pretty straightforward to get set up, as all you'll need to connect your and Spotify accounts, whether free or premium, is to click on a track and initiate playback. There's not much else to it beyond that. Just don't expect this Spotify and integration to work on your smartphone or tablet, as it's not currently supported on mobile browsers. There are also a few known bugs for the service to work out, like unavailable tracks showing play buttons and only the first 70 displayed tracks on a page being made available for playback.

With this data, displays on your community profile the songs, playlists and podcasts you listen to, and with them, build a profile of your favorite artists. Access is practically total in several services, such as Spotify, Deezer, Pandora and others.

You can, of course, listen to music on without utilizing the scrobbler by either keying in a search term or visiting the Music section. Sadly, you cannot browse by genre, but you can broswe by tag—if a song has one. If you type in "Wu-Tang Clan," loads a page that displays a list of albums and a handful of tracks to sample. The Music section, on the other hand, lets you view or listen to the top 20 artists and tracks, respectively, that are popular in the community.

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