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Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay brings the heat and profanity

Ever dream of working in a kitchen with Gordon Ramsay breathing down your neck? With the new Gordon Ramsay Dash game, which lands on iOS and Android next week, you can get a taste of cooking in a stressful environment under the chef's watchful eye. I had a chance to speak about the game with Ramsay himself -- who, by the way, is unnervingly calm in person.

Gordon Ramsay Dash was made in partnership with Glu Mobile, the same company behind Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. Indeed, based on screenshots, Dash's main gameplay looks remarkably similar to Glu's other restaurant game, Cooking Dash 2016, which I've been addicted to for a year. Even Ramsay's description of his app sounds familiar. "This is a very competitive, highly energized scenario and it will give you an essence of what it's really like in the restaurant world," he said. You'll likely have to prepare and serve food to a number of guests in timed rounds, and it can get stressful.

In the game, you start off flipping burgers at a cafe in San Francisco. You play through each level earning cash, which you can then use to upgrade your cooking station to make cooking faster and more efficient. Gordon is with you every step of the way, giving you praise or barking in your ear. Despite his often sour reputation, the gamified Ramsay is quite helpful, stopping the game to give you tips or clear out the line when you are in the weeds. If you are in lack of Restaurant Dash Gordon Ramsay Gold, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

“It gives an insight into my life. I started at a neighborhood bistro. I started with cheap produce, with no customers and an empty restaurant. Three in the kitchen with two in the dining room,” said Ramsay. “The actual app is exactly the same. You go back to the basics and then you build. But it does get serious. If you get better, I get firmer. If you get super good, I get harder. And if you get too good, then I am going to take you down.”

Gordon has worked closely with Glu Mobile, who’ve launched Kim Kardashian’s wildly successful mobile game as well as the Cooking Dash Franchise, to make Gordon Ramsay Dash a really fun and authentic experience with various personal touches and tongue-in-cheek humour. The drawing is terrific. It’s the first cooking game to have a social element, too, allowing players to compete against friends and other players in cook-offs, just like the chefs on TV cooking shows.
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