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Infinity Blade III introduces a variety of new gameplay concepts and characters to Infinity Blade universe

Since the day Infinity Blade first appeared on the iTunes App Store in December 2010, the gorgeous sword-swinging dungeon crawler has been the poster child for mobile gaming. It's the game Apple trots out at keynotes to demonstrate just how powerful its latest iPhone graphics processors can be, and the game you'd whip out to show your friends. But while Infinity Blade made a mean first impression and its sequel Infinity Blade II expanded the world and refined the combat system, the on-rails experience was never really very deep. There's little story to speak of, just a lot of hacking and slashing in search of better hack-and-slash gear. And — spoiler alert — Infinity Blade III is more of the same.

Although Infinity Blade III’s storyline details remain under wraps, it’s clear from the debut trailer that series’ lore and characters are playing a more important role than ever. Lord of the Rings and Fringe star John Noble has been brought on to voice The Worker of Secrets, the game’s Big Bad. It’s also clear that the game’s sci-fi elements, which were always there if you were paying attention, will play a much more prominent role in this third series entry.

Combat remains largely unchanged. You march up to some hulking foe and do battle using a variety of dodges, blocks and parries to wear them down before unleashing your own flurry of blows in the few seconds before they regain their composure. It's muscular, satisfying stuff, made all the more enjoyable for its immediacy. Swiping to meet an incoming blow results in a clanging parry, tapping the corners sends you ducking left or right. It just feels right, and once you've found the rhythm of each enemy these encounters are a cinematic joy, rightly forming the meat of the game. If you want to know the safest way to buy Infinity Blade 3 Accounts, I recommend you buy it via, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

Some of the game's stages are unique to a particular character; others are designed to be replayed with both, often several times over. These stages are now accessed from a central hub, a remote cove where Siris and Isa hang out with a bunch of vendors who will brew potions, craft gems and gear and sell rare loot.

Although Infinity Blade III tells a sophisticated linear story (Chair estimates the game contains nearly 45 minutes of cutscenes), players will have more freedom than ever in how they tackle the game’s various challenges. From The Hideout, Siris’ new base of operations, players can select from a world map which of several fortress strongholds they want to assault, compared to just a single major playable location in both IB1 and IB2. The Hideout will also be home to a variety of eccentric allies Siris and Isa recruit along the way.
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