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In World of Warcraft Classic layering is slowly coming to an end

Right on the spur of the moment, Blizzard posted a message last night that puzzled many WoW Classic players. Layering has already been set on some realms. The players have apparently spread and the crowd is steadily decreasing, so that "orderly conditions" prevail.

What is the layering? Due to the layering, there are several versions of the game world on a realm. The players are divided in this way and do not have to fight for the limited resources. Instead of 500 players in the forest of Elwynn there will be 100 players each in 5 different versions of the forest. That was meant above all to be able to handle the rush to the start of Classic. Gradually, the layering should then be reduced and abolished.

wow classic

On which realms is layering disabled? So far, there is only talk of European and American realms in which the layering has been disabled. This has not happened (yet) on the German Realms. The following realms from Europe will no longer have layers:

    Dragon Fang
    Hydraxian Waterlords
    Ten Storms

Why is that important? Blizzard said that the "2. Phase "of WoW Classic, so about the introduction of the world bosses and the PvP system, can take place only when all realms do without the layering. Thus, now the first step in this direction is done.

So the realm ad is changed: In a few days there should also be an adjustment of the realm list. Players can then directly see if a realm still has multiple layers or not. If that's the case then a realm will no longer be displayed as "medium", "high" or "full", but instead will have the status "layered". Realms that do not use layers, however, use the old terms.

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