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EA Sports is now parking the bus with FIFA 15

Off the field FIFA 15 changes little from last year's FIFA. You will know just by glancing at the menus and game modes. Indeed, there's a distinct sense of "if it ain't broken, don't fix it". The career mode is nigh-on identical, featuring the same league structures, cups and rejigged scouting and transfer system as previous FIFA. First, there are changes that are mainly aesthetic. As fans of the Premier League we're thrilled that all 20 clubs' genuine stadiums are now fully rendered. And what's more, there's presentation flairs for each that make them feel even more authentic. For example, the "This is Anfield" sign above the entrance to the pitch shown before Liverpool home games at Anfield, or the exterior shots of the Emirates, Arsenal's stomping ground.
However, 'improvement' is likely a word that's alien to EA's servers. At this point, they're a running joke, and that doesn't change with FIFA 15. Frequent disconnects are still a problem - even when playing single player modes - and although we didn't encounter anything too terrible, there have been reports that a constant connection to the servers can bring the game grinding to a halt, with ridiculous amounts of input lag and stuttering resulting in an unplayable mess. Again, the experience has been a buttery smooth one for us, especially thanks to snappier and more professional opening and ending match cinematics, but these issues can't be ignored entirely.
Players seem contextually aware of others around them on the field, and they means putting their hands up in natural ways when competing for the ball and even flailing about properly after a quality tackle. Yes, there are still over-exaggerated jitters and freak outs when collisions happen, but my time with FIFA 15 hasn’t matched my time with last year’s version when it comes to watching player bodies go absolutely nuts. It happens less here, which is good. I will say that, largely, player control feels like it did last year. I’ve found that I’m much more accurate with through passes and long balls than I have been in the past, but dealing with momentum and turning on the ball while trying to make a run at defenders feels like it usually does.

Also in the game are fully licensed stadiums for every team in the Premiership. As well as looking the part, real fan chants have been recorded, and crowds have been given custom behaviors based on the team. You probably won’t make it through a match at Anfield without a chorus of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, and commentators notice and remark on Manchester City’s supporters doing the Poznan. Nothing has been left un-animated in FIFA 15. Substitutes celebrate from the bench when their teams score - sometimes the camera even cuts to a close up of a major player on the sidelines, while there are 10-man goal celebrations on the pitch. Ball boys supply players with another ball when one has gone out of bounds, and corner flags bend when pushed against.
This isn’t good enough. EA knows how successful FUT is, but that's not to say the rest of the game doesn’t need updating. FIFA 2014 World Cup included some great ideas, like Pro rivalries and integrating training drills into career, neither of which are present. FIFA 15 has gameplay problems, but it can also play some sublime football. However, single-player’s continued stagnation leaves a sour taste in the mouth. If goalkeepers can be addressed, EA will remain the football king. Right now, FIFA’s at risk of being clawed back in the title race.
Basically, I love this game, and I wish more sports sims would follow in its footsteps. If you're looking for criticism, I suppose I would say that it's time for FIFA to introduce the Women's World Cup, which would have really put this version over the time. An honest-to-goodness online career mode that I can play with my friends would be nice as well. The rest is mostly nitpicking balance issues, like the fact that speedy players are once again a little too powerful, which became apparent when Arjen Robben and Robin van Persie had a field day abusing Italy's slow-footed defense. It's not what I would call game-breaking by any means, but it does mean that it takes a little more skill to be successful with some teams than others.
FIFA 15 is a marvelous soccer game, and it's certainly better than previous FIFA, but the series' improvements felt even more marginal this year. The game captures the thrill of soccer unlike ever before, but the new, emotional player animations are only a small addition to what was already a great product. Even as FIFA 15 transitions further into a soccer portal with its Match Day hub and news feed widget, it's markedly similar to last year's game at its core, which can (and should) make players question the annual upgrade. Still, even if you argue that EA Sports is now "parking the bus" with FIFA 15, it's a fantastic entry in what's become a very reliable series.
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