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EA have really pushed the boat out in terms of presentation for FIFA 16

A formation that is exceptionally difficult to break down due to its packed midfield. Since most of the midfield is more defensive, with the CM being primarily a defender, it can be tough to push forward with through balls and long passes. A good formation for teams that favor heavy possession and countering-style. Once the undisputed best buy in career modes, Bakkali has taken a bit of a hit since FIFA 15. Nevertheless, at the tender age of 18 he possesses four star skill moves, and his 92 balance, 87 acceleration, and 84 dribbling are outstanding. Buy him, put him out on loan, and know that it won't be long before you have a monstrous player on the wing. 
To play a driven through ball, hold right bumper (RB or R1)and press lobbed pass. This will play the ball the ball reasonably low but with power so that it reaches the player quickly. This can be useful to use from distance to play a long ball in to a player or alternatively around the box where. When played as a short ball with not much power it will drive a pass to the attacker above the feet of any defenders nearby making it hard for them to intercept it and creating space for the attacker once controlled to play the ball on or take a shot. Cutting too aggressively toward the goal will cause you to lose possession. Instead there are two things you can do: This is the exact moment you need to shoot. As soon as you have space in the box, hit it. Trying to set yourself often ends in a blocked shot or being tackled.

Highlight your center back and just sit back with him, covering any runs/passes the striker might make. Always make sure he is the furthest one back, effectively using him as a sweeper while using the second man press, allowing your midfielders to charge down the ball. Learn how to predict your opponent’s moves. Keep glancing all around the pitch and cut off dangerous passing lanes. I think a lot of people will have similar stories about FIFA 97. It summed up everything that was new and exciting about what lay ahead in gaming. The presentation - most memorably the quality of the audio commentary - easily exceeded our vague expectations and the third dimension, now fully realised, was a whole new world for us to explore.
While on the topic of players, let’s discuss the glitch ridden transfer system at the core of both Ultimate Team and Career Mode. EA have really pushed the boat out in terms of presentation for FIFA 16 on next gen consoles, but the same problems still plague one of the most exciting aspects of world football; transfers. From marquee signings to deadline day bargain buys,there are few gameplay elements more addictive than targeting a player, scouting him and snapping him up after weeks of negotiations. It’s just a shame then that EA present this mechanic quite well only to fall at the last hurdle.
Wingers can be both effective at creating chances but also making them for themselves, if you know what you are doing. Deciding between crossing, passing it off, or cutting inside for a shot can present a crucial and difficult choice, but in that decision lies the creation of goals. So, test out what works for you, and what works for the wingers you’re playing with to help you make these decisions. When you find yourself at a very advanced attacking position down the field, there are a number of ways to create scoring opportunities.
Substitutions can be, however, very important to your success. If you notice that your winger is not taking advantage of a particularly weak/slow fullback, then you may want to sub him off for a much faster, albeit maybe slower winger to take his place. If your forward is just not strong enough to win anything in the air against big center forwards, then you might want to consider getting someone else in his position.
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