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Burning Crusade Classic not only gives you access to Outland, Azeroth is also changing a bit

The most nostalgic gamers have so far been able to enjoy World of Warcraft Classic, a game that perfectly recreates the state of Blizzard's MMORPG when it first came out. Now you're about to take your first step into the future, and welcome the Burning Crusade expansion.

Deluxe Edition: includes the Black Portal Pass, 30 days of play, the Redesperto Dimensional Hunter mount for Burning Crusade Classic and the superior Viridian Dimensional Hunter, for players of modern WoW, the Black Portal Backstone and the toy Illidan's Way;

Character Clone: ​​the optional service allows you to play with a copy of a WoW Classic character on both a Burning Crusade Classic and an Era Classic server

Burning Crusade Classic not only gives you access to Outland, Azeroth is also changing a bit. Old WoW veterans are probably still familiar with the Deadwind Pass, where the new Raid Karazahn is waiting for you with the release of Burning Crusade.

Although you cannot enter the raid yet, the mountain pass will be converted with the pre-patch so that you will find opponents of level 67 to 70 in front of Karazahn two weeks in advance. They also drop the coveted nether material, which later becomes important for tailors in particular.

These are the WoW Classic features available now:
  •     Choose Your Era: For each of their characters, players can decide whether to progress in Burning Crusade Classic or continue their adventures on the Era Classic servers.
  •     New Playable Races: The Blood Elves of Silvermoon and the Draenei of Exodar can now be played starting at level 1 in their respective new starting zones.
  •     New Profession: Jewelcrafting can now be learned and increased proficiency to 300.
  •     New Talent Systems: Players can explore the changes made to their characters' talent trees and discover new interactions and abilities.
  •     Digital Packs and Optional Services: Optional extras and services are now available in the in-game store to help players begin their Outland adventures in style and prepare them well to enter the Dark Portal on reopening June 2nd . Extras and optional services include:
  •         Dark Portal Pass: Players can use this to upgrade a character of their choice to level 58 (limit of one per account; new races excluded; Burning Crusade Classic realms only) and provide them with equipment, a mount, consumables and some 'gold: in short, everything they need to dive into the Dark Portal at publication.
  •         Digital Deluxe Collector's Edition: Includes the Dark Portal Pass, 30 days of play time, Reawakened Phase-Hunter mount for Burning Crusade Classic, Greenish Phasic Hunter mount for modern WoW players, Dark Portal Hearthstone and Path of toy Illidan.
  •         Character Cloning: This optional service allows players to create a copy of an existing WoW Classic character on either a Burning Crusade Classic server or an Era Classic server.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic is going to be released by Blizzard Entertainment on June 1st.

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