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Animal Crossing: New Horizons players use the game's nearly endless creative options to recreate scenes from movies

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons fandom has once again used the game's extensive customization tools to recreate an iconic scene from the movie 1917. 1917 was one of the top contenders of the 2019 films' awards season. While Sam Mendes' war drama was able to swipe the Golden Globe's Best Motion Picture Drama and BAFTA Award for Best Film, it lost out on the Academy Award for Best Picture to foreign, thriller comedy Parasite.

One New Horizons fan tweeted a brief video of another player's 1917 reenactment. The player grabbed seven friends, and they donned army coats and helmets. They then used barbed wire to create trenches and reenact one of the final and most climactic scenes of the film. To deliver an important message to Colonel Mackenzie, soldier and protagonist, Lance Corporals Will Schofield must hop out from the trenches and run across the battlefield in a cinematic masterpiece. The recreation begins with his fellow soldier telling the player representing Schofield that the only way to get to Mackenzie would be crossing the battlefield. The player then dashes through the battlefield and crosses paths with the other players representing the fighting soldiers.

Using audio directly from the movie, twitter user Michal recreates the scene with surprising detail. Her Animal Crossing character plays the role of Lance Corporal Schofield, and even begins her trek through the battlefield at a walking pace, slowly speeding up like Schofield did in the movie. Another interesting detail is the way that her character bumps into one of the extras that is running the other direction, which happens not once, but twice to Schofield during this scene in the movie. And if you want to Buy Animal Crossing Materials, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows players to create their own designs for clothing, something that is used to great effect here as everyone is wearing matching outfits and wielding the closest thing there is to a weapon in Animal Crossing, a hatchet. This kind of creativity speaks to the way players will create an endless stream of content for games should the game itself allow it. That principle is seen in other places as well, like the modding community for games like Skyrim and in level creators for games like Little Big Planet and Mario Maker.

There are of course some differences; the scene is much shorter and there is an obvious lack of actual shelling, but those kinds of things are to be expected. Still, the effort put into recreating the trenches using holes, fences, and wiring and everyone's outfits is impressive. If one good thing has come from self isolation it is a huge spike in people's creativity.
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